Downton Abbey Themed Event

Downton Abbey Click on this link to view our photo’s

The Downton Abbey is one of the top rated BBC shows on television today.  We had the pleasure of serving the women and men of high society in San Francisco.  It was our pleasure and honor to be choosen out of many to provide them with a themed Downton Abbey Dinner Service.  Our team came storming out as the Magnolia Jazz Band played the Theme song to the Downton Abbey Intro.  With white gloves carrying cloche’s and tails lining their uniforms, heads held high with shoulders pressed back as their entrance was as stunning as  you would expect from the period.  Diamond Cut Catering’s Butler’s and staff played a significant role in keeping with this themed event and they were proud to  perform an orchestrated dinner service to music astonishing the guests whom were surprised as the staff entered the ball room.

Every detail was carfully thought out from the ascott that the Senior Butler Jennifer  Keizer wore down to her silver tails and white gloves as she stood 5′ 9″ tall waiting as her team of butlers entered the ball room so she could carefully and precisely guide them through the dinner service table by table.

Zakery Dyer was amazing as he coreographed dinner service behind the scenes, making sure every plate was decorated and as elegant as any 5 star restaurant.  the difference between Diamond Cut Catering and a restaurant is that Diamond Cut Catering has to bring the restaurant to you, set up/serve/take down all in just a few hours and Zakary did this flawlessly.

Lena Mallette took several months in planning every detail from making sure all period uniforms were complete and the training required for this dinner service thouroughly thought out.  Lena clothed her team pre dinner service in period clothing using maids and lady’s maids uniforms as well as kitchen staff unifoms from the Downton Abbey period to keep the tone of the event flowing in such an amazing sea of fluttering about servers passing appetizers, taking coats, walking guests up the stairs to the gallery where cocktails and Hors de O’derves were being presented just as you see the bustling around of the servants on the television show, so should the dinner guests see the same site this wonderful amazing evening full of glimmer, excitement, anticipation and many whispers of a thrill.

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