Elegant Staffing

Elegant Staffing

Industry pros are guilty of saying things like “servers are replaceable,” and “waiters are a dime a dozen,” but they couldn’t be more wrong. A truly great server is hard to find,  A wait staff can make or break your team of professionals servers.

1. Passion: Great servers actually love what they do. They not only love to eat and drink, but they also love talking about it. A passionate server is our best salesperson. Passion is also contagious. When our server is truly excited about the product he is providing, our guests are a lot more likely to rave about it, too.

2. Personality: It is important that our servers be friendly, polite, and that they have winning personalities. Not only will our guests love our staff, but fun personalities make for a really fun workplace.

3. Attitude: Personality is not to be confused with attitude. our most interesting and engaging server could also have some major ‘tude. The best servers eagerly approach each table or task with open hearts, ready to tackle obstacles and annoyances with joy, rather than frustration. These servers are also ready to care for even the most complicated guests with sensitivity and compassion.

4. Work Ethic: Anyone who has ever worked a single shift as a server knows that the work is grueling. You arrive long before service begins and are often expected to stay long after it ends. You need a staff that is wiling and ready to go above and beyond without complaint. A staff that knows what needs to be done and does it before being asked to do so. People who are able to see tasks to completion: who have the energy and focus to get all of their side work done and then some.

4. Brains: Our servers are thirsty for knowledge: not to be confused with know-it-alls.  They don’t have to come to us with extensive food and wine knowledge, but they should be eager to learn.

Great servers are hard to find, and once we find them, we do our best to nurture our relationship with growth. Servers have the potential to be the heart and soul of our company, and a large part of what keeps our guests coming back for more. Take a good, hard look at our current staff.  What are some qualities that you look for when hiring a caterer? One of the most important things you should look for is a wait staff that will shine on your special day.

Our Staff of Butlers and Servers will make that happen for you.

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