Cinderella Stories Do Come True

A Cinderella Wedding

A Cinderella Wedding

Many brides find it challenging to pull off their special day at an affordable cost and be able to run everything like clock work at the venue. We specialize in weddings, We bring the restaurant to you. We also specialize in off site catering. We are one of very few caterer’s that once you hire us, We are yours for the entire day. We are your working family so that your true family can enjoy your special day. If you are looking for elegance at an affordable cost, you are looking in the right place, you will love our white glove butler service, a service that you just do not see. We bring back the *Remember When* to your wedding and wow you and your guests, so if you are sitting there wishing you had help, not because they were getting paid but because they were invested in you! then you want us. You pay us for our catering service, but what you get besides that is our knowledge, Our thankfulness, our connections, and most of all our hearts, because we truly will fall in love with your special day and make it as amazing as we would want for our own family. We do not charge you to help you, We just do it because most brides today are *Do It Yourself* and need a little help, advice and most of all understanding.

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