White Glove Catering Service: Why we have the best dressed staff.

After being a guest at many weddings and visiting many restaurants, I noticed all of the flaws from different name brand tags on the backsides of the staff’s pants, to wrinkled shirts and dirty/stained aprons. Not to mention the saggy pants on the ground look! *Ugh*. From experiencing this, I knew what I wanted to do differently. The first thing I did when I started Diamond Cut Catering was purchase top of the line matching uniforms from Butler wear, Server wear and Kitchen Wear. However, the girls uniforms were not so easy to find. Most uniform companies have this idea that girls look good in a standard vest and long tie, well I can assure you that was not my vision. Perhaps at a black jack table in Vegas, but certainly not at one of my bride’s weddings. I searched and found beautiful vests for the girls to wear and let me tell you, they look outstanding.


Each of my staff are sent to the tailor to be fitted for their uniform. All of my uniforms are dry cleaned after every event. You will never see wash and wear on my staff. My staff are well dressed from head to toe and beautiful on the inside too. They understand the importance of a wedding or any event and show up to work with smiles ready to help me make my brides/clients dreams come true. My staff is just as excited as I am when they are setting up because they take pride in what we accomplish together. At most companies you can overhear employees around the water closet talking about their pay, or long hours and how tired they are, or complaining of the new staff, who is not doing what, how they are not going to do this or that because it’s not their job, or not wanting to train someone in fear of losing their position. Well, I can promise you this! You will never hear any of those topics or any complaining with my staff, every single person brought in on your day is a vital component to making your dream day come true and my staff understands that from day one. I can show anyone how to drop linen, place a fork and wash a dish, but not everyone is a fit to be able to handle customer service.

Every year in January i have a training class in which the largest topic is customer service. A wedding day is the day when dreams come true, when something so special happens where two become one. those thoughts have been lost for years in our world but I truly believe in them and i give those words to my staff. By the time our meeting is over, every single one of them can’t wait for the next wedding because they know it does not happen without them.–Lena

At Diamond Cut Catering we provide white glove service for every event and our staff is always well dressed. Give us a call and get to know us. 1-888-550-6111

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