Why we get your wedding right: Behind the scenes of full service catering

Diamond Cut Catering is based in the San Francisco area in California. Lena, owner of Diamond Cut Catering always says, “With weddings, there are no do overs.” A bride gets one wedding day and as her catering service we must do everything to ensure that her wedding is wonderful.  We get one day to make her fairytale a dream come true. It’s all in the details and the quality of our catering service. At Diamond Cut Catering we do it all. We are a full service catering company that always goes above and beyond for our brides. We offer white glove service. We provide well-tailored uniforms for all our staff and they are all trained to give consistent high quality service to every guest at every wedding or event.  At Diamond Cut Catering we believe that all brides deserve their dream wedding even when they’re on a budget. We offer linens, silverware, china, delicious food, and high-class service in a bundle because we want to assist brides in cutting their wedding cost.  Diamond Cut Catering is built on passion not profit.  We work with a clientele that we have a connection with and an understanding of the ambiance they want to create. Listen to what Lena, the staff, and our brides have to say about Diamond Cut Catering. Watch this video for a behind the scenes look of what goes into full service catering. You will learn much more about why we’ll get your wedding wonderfully right, keep a smile and your face, and your guests well fed.

Now that you know more about us, if you feel that we are the right fit for you give us a call or send us an email to request a quote. We can set up a tasting and build a connection. You can bring as many as six guests to help choose the right menu. Experience the quality of Diamond Cut Catering.

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