Wedding Day Dreams Come True

This is the one day that every little girl dreams about from the time they are children as they innocently play doll house with their playmates and play dress up with mommies over sized high heels and evening gowns trying to neatly circle their lips with bright red lipstick that our moms seem to always have with their makeup kits and thoughts of what will one day be their dream day hoping that they will one day have their fairytale.


Growing up:

Remember being a teen staring at that special boy at a school dance wondering if he will be the one that you will marry one day?  Like most girls you have been dreaming of this day since you were about 15, wedding magazines have littered your room since that day.

All grown up:

Then finally, when you meet that special someone and you just know he’s the one,  he opens doors for you, he orders what he knows you will like so you can share your meals, he orders ranch dressing instead of bleu cheese because he knows you can’t stand bleu cheese.  he takes you to see a newly released romantic movie instead of the new GI Joe flick he’s been wanting to see because he knows you are a romantic and it will make you happy.

The Wedding:

A wedding is not just the brides day, she is inviting all of her loved ones, people who mean so much to her to share that special day, Of course she wants them treated special, of course she wants her wedding to be very elegant and to have that special something that is so hard to find. Well this is where my staff help to make your dream day come true.  Why not White Glove Butler Service?  Why shouldn’t the parents be treated like gold?  Why shouldn’t the Grandparents be served on such a wonderful day?  Why not sit down service for the couples immediate family members?  Why not make it fun, we are going to serve you sitting down anyway!

sheri 1HPIM4166

The Dance:

Then there is the dance, that one dance that we dream of having with our first love, our daddy’s. The father daughter dance is the most fantastic dance that you will ever dance in your life. It is a dance that can only happen but once, the feeling between father and daughter that will never again be felt, it is a once in a lifetime chance to say that one special thing that will last a life time or memories that is just between the two of you.  You may be saying “But i don’t have my dad” This dance is for that special person that fills that void, it can be your oldest brother that made sure you got home safe from school everyday.  The dance is a symbol of gratitude, love, an intimate moment to share with a role model, someone you look up to.   This is your special time to dance.


Choosing the right Caterer:

Whether you choose Diamond Cut Catering to help make your dream day come true or someone else, just remember one thing, there are no do-overs, this happens once. Although the stress gets high and you find yourself getting upset during this process, *STOP* for just a moment and rethink why you are doing everything that you planning, take a deep breath, cut the pie in 1/8 as opposed to the half you tried to knock out in one afternoon, and start again.

It’s All For Love

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