Why Having a Wedding Food Designer is Important

From the chair you’re sitting on to the computer in front of you..everything has a designer.  And a good catering company has a designer for their food as well.  What is a food designer and why should you make sure your wedding day caterer uses one?

Diamond Cut Catering- What is a food designer

According to Paolo Carichella, founder of the Food Design Studio in Milano, “Food design is designing a food product in terms of the context and environment in which it will ultimately be consumed. Food design encompasses all the rules of constituent, chromatic and formal rules in which food is presented on a plate.”

Why should you care when it comes to the look of your wedding food?  Because first impressions are everything and isn’t it true that we see our food before tasting it? Don’t you agree that our desire for eating something can change based on how it looks?  Why else do you think 5 star restaurants present each plate delicately with garnish and saucy designs?

Does your wedding caterer have a food designer on staff?  We do!  Please give us a call and let’s chat about your Bay Area wedding menu.

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