5 Steps to a Great Gatsby Style Vintage Wedding

The Great Gatsby is set to be a big influence on weddings over the next year, and it’s no wonder. The film’s lavish 1920s style is a beautiful look, and one that is perfect for vintage wedding styles.

  1. Crisp white linens. There’s something so luxurious about great linens at a wedding. They can really transform a room, and are a key part of a glamorous vintage style.Table with Linens and Silver
  2. Silver. Hand in hand with white linens are silver tableware. Silver serving pieces give a big part of the Gatsby style. Art deco styles keep with the period, but vintage or new silver pieces will give a touch of real luxury.
  3. White glove service. Another part of the perfect Great Gatsby style wedding is the luxury of white glove service. This is a step up from standard table service and adds a real wow factor for your guests.White Glove Service
  4. Crystal. Whether it’s crystal candle holders, scatter crystals, or beautiful glasses, a bit of crystal will give your wedding décor an added touch of class. It can also make things look beautiful by candlelight.Candles and Crystals
  5. Special cocktails. Having a signature drink has been a great wedding trend for the past few years, and it’s a trend that fits perfectly in the Great Gatsby theme, too.

If you’re looking for the perfect Great Gatsby touches for your Bay Area wedding, get in touch. We can offer everything you need to make your wedding full of 1920s glamour!

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