Spring Wedding Food Trends

With spring comes spring weddings, and there are plenty of great trends for this season’s wedding food.

Spring wedding food

  • Bite-size foods are still a popular choice, and this season’s weddings will see an expansion of the trend. From shots of soup to sliders, single bite servings of foods have been big for the past year. This season, it is becoming a bigger part of menus, with full meals being served this way.
  • Fresh foods are always popular in spring, as we move away from the heavy comfort foods of winter. Salads are big for spring, but don’t think this is just a load of lettuce. This season’s salads are bursting with fruits and vegetables, along with grains like quinoa and barley.
  • Spring menus are also great for adding in hints of summer. This can be accomplished through some spicy dishes, or even touches like pink lemonade.
  • Bright Colors are livening up your venue bringing in that gorgeous Caribbean cool fresh look, some would even say birds are in full flight. Peacock themes seem to be the new trend spreading their wings to many wedding celebrations as the stigma of only one color is out the window and a thing of the past.

To find out how to incorporate these trends into your Bay Area wedding or event, give us a call today!

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