Downton Abbey Themed Event

Downton Abbey Click on this link to view our photo’s

The Downton Abbey is one of the top rated BBC shows on television today.  We had the pleasure of serving the women and men of high society in San Francisco.  It was our pleasure and honor to be choosen out of many to provide them with a themed Downton Abbey Dinner Service.  Our team came storming out as the Magnolia Jazz Band played the Theme song to the Downton Abbey Intro.  With white gloves carrying cloche’s and tails lining their uniforms, heads held high with shoulders pressed back as their entrance was as stunning as  you would expect from the period.  Diamond Cut Catering’s Butler’s and staff played a significant role in keeping with this themed event and they were proud to  perform an orchestrated dinner service to music astonishing the guests whom were surprised as the staff entered the ball room.

Every detail was carfully thought out from the ascott that the Senior Butler Jennifer  Keizer wore down to her silver tails and white gloves as she stood 5′ 9″ tall waiting as her team of butlers entered the ball room so she could carefully and precisely guide them through the dinner service table by table.

Zakery Dyer was amazing as he coreographed dinner service behind the scenes, making sure every plate was decorated and as elegant as any 5 star restaurant.  the difference between Diamond Cut Catering and a restaurant is that Diamond Cut Catering has to bring the restaurant to you, set up/serve/take down all in just a few hours and Zakary did this flawlessly.

Lena Mallette took several months in planning every detail from making sure all period uniforms were complete and the training required for this dinner service thouroughly thought out.  Lena clothed her team pre dinner service in period clothing using maids and lady’s maids uniforms as well as kitchen staff unifoms from the Downton Abbey period to keep the tone of the event flowing in such an amazing sea of fluttering about servers passing appetizers, taking coats, walking guests up the stairs to the gallery where cocktails and Hors de O’derves were being presented just as you see the bustling around of the servants on the television show, so should the dinner guests see the same site this wonderful amazing evening full of glimmer, excitement, anticipation and many whispers of a thrill.

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Elegant Staffing

Elegant Staffing

Industry pros are guilty of saying things like “servers are replaceable,” and “waiters are a dime a dozen,” but they couldn’t be more wrong. A truly great server is hard to find,  A wait staff can make or break your team of professionals servers.

1. Passion: Great servers actually love what they do. They not only love to eat and drink, but they also love talking about it. A passionate server is our best salesperson. Passion is also contagious. When our server is truly excited about the product he is providing, our guests are a lot more likely to rave about it, too.

2. Personality: It is important that our servers be friendly, polite, and that they have winning personalities. Not only will our guests love our staff, but fun personalities make for a really fun workplace.

3. Attitude: Personality is not to be confused with attitude. our most interesting and engaging server could also have some major ‘tude. The best servers eagerly approach each table or task with open hearts, ready to tackle obstacles and annoyances with joy, rather than frustration. These servers are also ready to care for even the most complicated guests with sensitivity and compassion.

4. Work Ethic: Anyone who has ever worked a single shift as a server knows that the work is grueling. You arrive long before service begins and are often expected to stay long after it ends. You need a staff that is wiling and ready to go above and beyond without complaint. A staff that knows what needs to be done and does it before being asked to do so. People who are able to see tasks to completion: who have the energy and focus to get all of their side work done and then some.

4. Brains: Our servers are thirsty for knowledge: not to be confused with know-it-alls.  They don’t have to come to us with extensive food and wine knowledge, but they should be eager to learn.

Great servers are hard to find, and once we find them, we do our best to nurture our relationship with growth. Servers have the potential to be the heart and soul of our company, and a large part of what keeps our guests coming back for more. Take a good, hard look at our current staff.  What are some qualities that you look for when hiring a caterer? One of the most important things you should look for is a wait staff that will shine on your special day.

Our Staff of Butlers and Servers will make that happen for you.

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Marine Corps Wedding

Marine Corps Wedding EventsEvery couple deserves to have their special dream day come true.  Love grows in so many hidden corners and seeps into the darkness like shadows on a moonlit night.  Nobody knows when it will peer out to thrust it’s vibrant life onto an unexpected couple, but when it does, watch out because it has no boundaries, no colors, only the whisper of a thrill that if accepted and allowed to grow, will bring you the most fulfilled embrace that will almost always guide you into matrimony.  Jennifer and Chris found their shadow and are on an adventure full of excitement, wonder, curiosity, and most of all, True Love

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Themed Events Are Storming The Scene

Vibrant colors and theatrical themes are bursting through

Originality is making the scene in the wedding industry this season

Diamond Cut Catering will cater any type of event, we cater to your needs.  You can have black and white tie or jeans and polo shirts service, it’s up to you.  We do not charge to look good.  We are your party planner at the venue, we help guide you in the right direction and make sure everything flows the day of your event.  We do not charge you for this service, we want you to have a beautiful wedding, Birthday, BBQ, Club Dinner, whatever the occasion so we do what it takes to make that happen.  You become family. My trained staff loves dressing up in costumes, it’s different, fun and exciting to watch the smiles on the guests faces when they see them in costumes and makeup.  My team has just as much fun serving you at your event as you have enjoying your special day.  Watch your event come alive with originality, innovation and excitement.




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Cinderella Stories Do Come True

A Cinderella Wedding

A Cinderella Wedding

Many brides find it challenging to pull off their special day at an affordable cost and be able to run everything like clock work at the venue. We specialize in weddings, We bring the restaurant to you. We also specialize in off site catering. We are one of very few caterer’s that once you hire us, We are yours for the entire day. We are your working family so that your true family can enjoy your special day. If you are looking for elegance at an affordable cost, you are looking in the right place, you will love our white glove butler service, a service that you just do not see. We bring back the *Remember When* to your wedding and wow you and your guests, so if you are sitting there wishing you had help, not because they were getting paid but because they were invested in you! then you want us. You pay us for our catering service, but what you get besides that is our knowledge, Our thankfulness, our connections, and most of all our hearts, because we truly will fall in love with your special day and make it as amazing as we would want for our own family. We do not charge you to help you, We just do it because most brides today are *Do It Yourself* and need a little help, advice and most of all understanding.

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White Glove Catering Service: Why we have the best dressed staff.

After being a guest at many weddings and visiting many restaurants, I noticed all of the flaws from different name brand tags on the backsides of the staff’s pants, to wrinkled shirts and dirty/stained aprons. Not to mention the saggy pants on the ground look! *Ugh*. From experiencing this, I knew what I wanted to do differently. The first thing I did when I started Diamond Cut Catering was purchase top of the line matching uniforms from Butler wear, Server wear and Kitchen Wear. However, the girls uniforms were not so easy to find. Most uniform companies have this idea that girls look good in a standard vest and long tie, well I can assure you that was not my vision. Perhaps at a black jack table in Vegas, but certainly not at one of my bride’s weddings. I searched and found beautiful vests for the girls to wear and let me tell you, they look outstanding.


Each of my staff are sent to the tailor to be fitted for their uniform. All of my uniforms are dry cleaned after every event. You will never see wash and wear on my staff. My staff are well dressed from head to toe and beautiful on the inside too. They understand the importance of a wedding or any event and show up to work with smiles ready to help me make my brides/clients dreams come true. My staff is just as excited as I am when they are setting up because they take pride in what we accomplish together. At most companies you can overhear employees around the water closet talking about their pay, or long hours and how tired they are, or complaining of the new staff, who is not doing what, how they are not going to do this or that because it’s not their job, or not wanting to train someone in fear of losing their position. Well, I can promise you this! You will never hear any of those topics or any complaining with my staff, every single person brought in on your day is a vital component to making your dream day come true and my staff understands that from day one. I can show anyone how to drop linen, place a fork and wash a dish, but not everyone is a fit to be able to handle customer service.

Every year in January i have a training class in which the largest topic is customer service. A wedding day is the day when dreams come true, when something so special happens where two become one. those thoughts have been lost for years in our world but I truly believe in them and i give those words to my staff. By the time our meeting is over, every single one of them can’t wait for the next wedding because they know it does not happen without them.–Lena

At Diamond Cut Catering we provide white glove service for every event and our staff is always well dressed. Give us a call and get to know us. 1-888-550-6111

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Food Art: Catering design through culinary arts

At Diamond Cut Catering, our head chef Lena is very detail oriented, she brings a creative touch to every event and trains every staff on how to give exceptional service and an outstanding presentation of every bite. We believe that the look of food is of equal importance to the taste. We bring design to culinary art and create food art that is sure to please both you and your guests. We create edible fruit and vegetable arrangements and craft delicious décor. Try a strawberry rose bouquet or one of bell pepper tulips. The quality of our catering service is one you can’t resist.

Call for a free quote or schedule a tasting! 1.888.550.6111


We provide catering services to the greater San Francisco area.

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Why we get your wedding right: Behind the scenes of full service catering

Diamond Cut Catering is based in the San Francisco area in California. Lena, owner of Diamond Cut Catering always says, “With weddings, there are no do overs.” A bride gets one wedding day and as her catering service we must do everything to ensure that her wedding is wonderful.  We get one day to make her fairytale a dream come true. It’s all in the details and the quality of our catering service. At Diamond Cut Catering we do it all. We are a full service catering company that always goes above and beyond for our brides. We offer white glove service. We provide well-tailored uniforms for all our staff and they are all trained to give consistent high quality service to every guest at every wedding or event.  At Diamond Cut Catering we believe that all brides deserve their dream wedding even when they’re on a budget. We offer linens, silverware, china, delicious food, and high-class service in a bundle because we want to assist brides in cutting their wedding cost.  Diamond Cut Catering is built on passion not profit.  We work with a clientele that we have a connection with and an understanding of the ambiance they want to create. Listen to what Lena, the staff, and our brides have to say about Diamond Cut Catering. Watch this video for a behind the scenes look of what goes into full service catering. You will learn much more about why we’ll get your wedding wonderfully right, keep a smile and your face, and your guests well fed.

Now that you know more about us, if you feel that we are the right fit for you give us a call or send us an email to request a quote. We can set up a tasting and build a connection. You can bring as many as six guests to help choose the right menu. Experience the quality of Diamond Cut Catering.

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Wedding Day Dreams Come True

This is the one day that every little girl dreams about from the time they are children as they innocently play doll house with their playmates and play dress up with mommies over sized high heels and evening gowns trying to neatly circle their lips with bright red lipstick that our moms seem to always have with their makeup kits and thoughts of what will one day be their dream day hoping that they will one day have their fairytale.


Growing up:

Remember being a teen staring at that special boy at a school dance wondering if he will be the one that you will marry one day?  Like most girls you have been dreaming of this day since you were about 15, wedding magazines have littered your room since that day.

All grown up:

Then finally, when you meet that special someone and you just know he’s the one,  he opens doors for you, he orders what he knows you will like so you can share your meals, he orders ranch dressing instead of bleu cheese because he knows you can’t stand bleu cheese.  he takes you to see a newly released romantic movie instead of the new GI Joe flick he’s been wanting to see because he knows you are a romantic and it will make you happy.

The Wedding:

A wedding is not just the brides day, she is inviting all of her loved ones, people who mean so much to her to share that special day, Of course she wants them treated special, of course she wants her wedding to be very elegant and to have that special something that is so hard to find. Well this is where my staff help to make your dream day come true.  Why not White Glove Butler Service?  Why shouldn’t the parents be treated like gold?  Why shouldn’t the Grandparents be served on such a wonderful day?  Why not sit down service for the couples immediate family members?  Why not make it fun, we are going to serve you sitting down anyway!

sheri 1HPIM4166

The Dance:

Then there is the dance, that one dance that we dream of having with our first love, our daddy’s. The father daughter dance is the most fantastic dance that you will ever dance in your life. It is a dance that can only happen but once, the feeling between father and daughter that will never again be felt, it is a once in a lifetime chance to say that one special thing that will last a life time or memories that is just between the two of you.  You may be saying “But i don’t have my dad” This dance is for that special person that fills that void, it can be your oldest brother that made sure you got home safe from school everyday.  The dance is a symbol of gratitude, love, an intimate moment to share with a role model, someone you look up to.   This is your special time to dance.


Choosing the right Caterer:

Whether you choose Diamond Cut Catering to help make your dream day come true or someone else, just remember one thing, there are no do-overs, this happens once. Although the stress gets high and you find yourself getting upset during this process, *STOP* for just a moment and rethink why you are doing everything that you planning, take a deep breath, cut the pie in 1/8 as opposed to the half you tried to knock out in one afternoon, and start again.

It’s All For Love

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Why Having a Wedding Food Designer is Important

From the chair you’re sitting on to the computer in front of you..everything has a designer.  And a good catering company has a designer for their food as well.  What is a food designer and why should you make sure your wedding day caterer uses one?

Diamond Cut Catering- What is a food designer

According to Paolo Carichella, founder of the Food Design Studio in Milano, “Food design is designing a food product in terms of the context and environment in which it will ultimately be consumed. Food design encompasses all the rules of constituent, chromatic and formal rules in which food is presented on a plate.”

Why should you care when it comes to the look of your wedding food?  Because first impressions are everything and isn’t it true that we see our food before tasting it? Don’t you agree that our desire for eating something can change based on how it looks?  Why else do you think 5 star restaurants present each plate delicately with garnish and saucy designs?

Does your wedding caterer have a food designer on staff?  We do!  Please give us a call and let’s chat about your Bay Area wedding menu.

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